All intel in Awakening: Spelunker

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Guida Informazioni Intel Call of Duty Ghosts Invasion [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


The new "Invasion" DLC is available for Call of Duty Ghosts. Let's try to collect all the information in Awakening.

All intel in Awakening: Spelunker

To get this Trophy / Achievement it is necessary to find the 8 collectible information present in the Invasion DLC (the first and the last are still unlocked automatically). In addition to unlocking the achievement, this will also allow you to discover new details about the plot, as each intel collected unlocks a new animated scene.

Below you will find two videos: in the first you can see the exact location of all the information, while in the second all the scenes unlocked with the Intel are shot. Obviously watch out for SPOILERS


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