All collectible soldier diaries

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Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2: guide soldiers' journals


Let's finish collecting all the Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 collectibles.

All collectible soldier diaries

There is no achievement / trophy that explicitly asks you to find all the diaries, but you will still have to do so if you want to unlock the "Over the Limit" achievement, which affects the completion of the game.

The diary of the soldiers to collect in Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 there are 24 in total. Below you can find, for each area, both a video and a link to photos showing where all the diaries are located. I note that the other collectibles of the game are also shown in the video, which we have covered in separate guides that you can find in the cheats and guides tab of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2.

Location Diaries Bernhard's Wing (8 Diari) - Videos / Photos

Location Diaries City of the Damned (8 Diari) - Videos / Photos

Location Diaries Overlook Tower (6 Diari) - Videos / Photos

Location Diaries Carmilla's Lair (2 Diaries) - Videos / Photos

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