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    A Taste of Shear Objective / Trophy Guide

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    Evolve: all creatures of Shear [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


    Let's see what Shear's fauna and flora is made up of

    A Taste of Shear Objective / Trophy Guide

    Including carnivorous plants, there are a total of 19 creatures on Shear that you will need to kill to unlock this achievement. We will try to update the guide with photos and possibly also the places where each creature is most likely to be found, in the meantime we post the complete list.

    If you are having difficulty with any particular creature, feel free to use the comments for help

    • Lightning leopards
    • Carnivorous Plants
    • Mammoth Birds
    • Megamouths
    • Trapjaws
    • Basking Cephaladons
    • Armadons
    • Canyon Striders
    • Crowbill Sloths
    • Glaciopods
    • Marsh striders
    • Nomads
    • Reavers
    • spotters
    • Steamadons
    • Tyrants
    • Venom Hounds
    • Obsidian Grubs
    • Dune Beetles

    Remember that you can check which ones you are still missing at any time by accessing the "general medals" section of the profile.

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