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Alan Wake it is structured by chapters, along the lines of modern television series, each of which opens with a summary of what has happened previously and ends with an effect sequence that refers to the next.

The game has one of the most enigmatic endings that we have ever played in recent times, with the protagonist forced to make a choice of those that, fortunately, only have to be made a few times in life. A very open ending that gives Remedy the opportunity to deepen the outcome with a series of additional contents that open the dances in these days with this The signal, which starts exactly where the main game left off and who, who bought it Alan Wake in stores, you can download for free by entering the code included in the package. Those who borrowed the game from a friend or bought it used can enjoy it by paying 560 MP on the Xbox Live market place.

Xbox 360 achievements

The signal adds 250 points to Alan Wake's 1000 points. Some are related to the discovery of the alarm clocks and the hardbacks mentioned in the review, others to the completion of certain phases of the game, according to certain requirements. All of them, however, are easily and quickly obtainable with a minimum of effort.

A spoiler

This review is necessarily aimed at those who have played Alan Wake, considering that The signal starts exactly where the game ended with the writer plunged into darkness led by Zane trying to make him resurface by sending him a signal, hence the name of this seventh episode. The narrative pretext allows Remedy to insert some new locations and to revisit other maps in the perspective of an involved mind and in difficulty that does not know what it must do to solve a difficult situation (even for those who play).

Brightfall is devastated by landslides and the roads deform under the feet of Alan who proceeds towards a path halfway between the dreamlike and the terrifying, following the indications of the voice of his guide who appears on the televisions scattered around the locations, which are dressed of the dark charm already experienced a few weeks ago. Although very short, it does not take more than two and a half hours to complete this chapter of the game at the normal level of difficulty, The Signal shows some gameplay solutions that would have helped the action of the previous adventure to vary and propose more interesting situations also for the player. The words of light that appeared in the game's finale serve here as a gimmick to bring up objects and elements that affect playability, such as basement ovens that explode into flames when sufficiently lit by the torch, bringing with them the monsters of the game. shadow in the vicinity, leaving the player with an alternative between gun and light that increases the possibilities offered to the player. Just as in life, however, words can hurt more than a fist, since in some cases they can make monsters and dangers appear, forcing Alan to continue in the dark, wary of the beam of that torch that saved his life for 12 hours of play and that here can also be a deadly pitfall. They are small hints of a world that shows the signs of the many possibilities that the next, hopefully more full-bodied, chapters and real sequels, that Remedies will have the opportunity to develop and that for now constitute a pleasant addition especially for those in possession of the code for free download. Those who will have to resort to the separate purchase, keep in mind that there are no other extras, which push to explore the maps, besides a series of alarm clocks to collect and the cardboard of the protagonists, since there are no new radio broadcasts or mini TV shows to find. to deepen the plot as before.
Here too, as in the game, the complete dubbing in Spanish and the amazing soundtrack are confirmed, with a song at the end of a Swedish singer, little known, but full of talent.




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Alan Wake: The Signal it's a nice addition to the story that Remedies started telling some time ago on Xbox 360 with one of the best titles released recently on the Microsoft console, especially for those who can play it with the free code contained in the package. This time, in addition to the plot and the nice atmosphere, there are some gameplay gimmicks that add variety and freshness to the game system. These are nice hints of the possible directions that Alan can take in the future, which bodes well and which we hope will find a place in other episodes a little more full-bodied.


  • How do you leave Alan in the dark?
  • New gameplay insights
  • Nice atmosphere
  • Not very long-lived
  • Alan's road is still long
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