A new The Simpsons game may be announced at E3 2019

THEE3 2019 is approaching and, according to what was reported by the official Twitter account dedicated to the fair, the screenwriters and producers of The Simpsons. In fact, on 11 June they will be the protagonists of a panel ofE3 Coliseum - led by Geoff Keighley - with a meeting dedicated to the historic show that has entertained young and old for years now, and aimed at presenting to the public an announcement that still remains shrouded in mystery.

More exciting # E3Coliseum news - join the writers and producers of @TheSimpsons for a panel on June 11! More info to come… # E32019

- E3 (@ E3) May 24, 2019

Since the participation of the cast takes place on the occasion of a videogame-themed event, it remains quite logical to think that the announcement of a new title dedicated to the most famous yellow family on TV may be planned. After all, there are many video games starring the iconic group of Springfield to have been released, during these years, both for PC, for consoles and also for smartphones.

The classic remains undoubtedly one of the most popular with fans The Simpsons: Hit & Run, released in 2003 but still firmly in the memory (and heart) of the old nostalgic fans; and there are still many users who are clamoring for a new second chapter, although at the moment this is a rather remote possibility. If a new title dedicated to The Simpsons, in fact, we could probably expect only two things: a title unprecedented, or a game mobile devices. But never say never, in life: to find out more, all that remains is to wait until the day of the conference, and thus discover what the producers of the show have in store.

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