5 best two-factor authentication apps for Android

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Two-Factor Authentication is a very popular and powerful security tool. It asks you to verify if you are the owner of an account by entering a code. This adds a personal touch. To hack your account, someone would need more than your password and username. Of course, it's not a final security solution. But it's always good to have an extra layer of security. There are some apps that do this, although most sites use your phone number to text you. Those who want to use authentication apps only have a few good choices. Here are the 5 best two-factor authentication apps for Android!

The best apps for the security of your smartphone


Authy is one of the most trusted two-factor authentication apps. It works similar to Google and Microsoft's variants. Create access codes which you can then use to authenticate your login. It works pretty well.

The app comes with offline support, device syncing, and supports the most popular websites and account types. It's a good way to have an extra layer of security if you don't want to use Google or Microsoft's apps. It's also totally free with no ads or in-app purchases. Authy what he has to do he does quite well.

FreeOTP Authenticator

FreeOTP Authenticator is a free and open source authentication app. It works with the most popular accounts, including Facebook, Google and many others. You also get support for sites like GitHub. It also supports businesses as long as they support TOTP and HOTP. This makes it a fairly inexpensive solution for small businesses.

It's not the most popular option among authentication apps, but it works exceptionally well. The developers of the app have reported that they have not received any complaints because the app works beautifully.

Google Authenticator (best)

Google Authenticator is probably the most popular two-factor authentication app. Google recommends that you use it for all your Google accounts. However, it also works for a variety of other websites. Some of the other features include Wear OS support, a dark theme, and offline support.

This is the one I use. There's no specific reason, not least because the other apps on this list work just as well. Either way, it's completely free, it's clean, it works, and it's widely supported.

LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator is an above average two-factor authentication app for Android that works with LastPass Password Manager. It works with the TOPT protocol and Google Authenticator. It is primarily for LastPass users and is one of the few password managers with an authentication app.

It also supports automatic push notifications, SMS codes and cross-platform support with Apple devices. We only recommend this app if you are looking for a password manager. This along with the regular LastPass app creates a good one-two combination for security. The authentication app is free.

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is the main competitor of Google Authenticator. It's popular, works well, and works for things other than Microsoft apps. It's actually a very simple app, unlike Google Authenticator. Log in to a site or app, request a code and open this app to get one.

We usually recommend Google Authenticator to people who use Google's services excessively. The same goes for Microsoft. Those who use Microsoft heavily will likely be more comfortable with this app than most of the other apps on the list. It's free with no ads or in-app purchases.

Microsoft Authenticator: what it is, how it works and how to use it!

Blizzard Authenticator

Many apps and services have their own two-factor authentication methods. Most of them, like Twitter, use SMS codes while others, like banks, generally use email. Usually you need to enable this protection somewhere in your account settings and we recommend that you do so.

There are some fringe cases, like the Blizzard authentication app, which protects individual accounts. Finally, Yahoo has one of the most unique solutions for this. All of their apps work as authentication apps for all of their apps.

Get an SMS code first and use the apps you're signed in to access the others. It's clean, if a little frustrating. Either way, there are many other options.

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