4G does not work on android phone, what can we do

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We have many solutions at our disposal if 4G does not work on Android phone, let's move on. Are you having problems with the functioning of 4G on your mobile phone? Discover all the solutions we can resort to if we find ourselves in this situation.

The guide can be applied to all phones of all brands, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, LG, Sony and others. A situation that we have probably encountered on a few occasions is that the 4G on our android phone is not working properly. In some cases it just might not work. 

4G does not work on android phone, what can we do

A rather annoying problem, the origin of which can be determined by various causes, as well as the solution, which is also difficult to find. We show you a number of solutions that we can try to put in place if we have any problems with 4G on our android phone. The 4G on the phone may not work or not be smooth, there are solutions that can help solve this problem without resorting to the support of our operator.

Flight mode

One of the simplest solutions we can resort to in this case is theactivation and deactivation of airplane mode. If we are having problems with 4G, activating Airplane mode for a couple of seconds and then deactivating it will help us resolve this annoying 4G malfunction or problem. 

We can activate this mode in the quick settings in Android. And the solution which usually works best. It is almost normal after trying this solution that everything will work normally again. It is the first thing we can try when 4G is not working on your phone.

Restart the phone

Another very classic solution in this type of situation, which has proven its effectiveness on more than one occasion. There are times when there are errors in the processes running on Android, which could cause problems with the functioning of 4G. Restarting the device would put an end to such problems and would allow it to function normally.

The way to restart an Android phone is the same on all models. We hold down the shutdown button for a few seconds, until several options appear on the screen, one of which is to restart. We press it and we just have to wait for the phone to reboot normally. As soon as the phone has restarted and loaded the operating system we should see that 4G is working again.

Verify that the correct network is being used

Perhaps the problem originates in the fact that we are using a type of network that is not the appropriate one, for example we chose 3G or 2G instead of 4G. This means that we are unable to use the 4G network. Let's make sure we use the right type of network, it is very important. Since that could be the solution. The steps to check are:

  • Open the Android settings.
  • Go to Wireless & Networks (the name may change depending on the level).
  • Click Mobile networks.
  • Enter the Preferred Network Type option.
  • Scegli 4G / 3G / 2G.

It is rare that this option is not activated on your device, but it may have been by mistake that you have activated another option. So checking this tab doesn't hurt, since it is a simple solution, which will make 4G work on the device again and we can say goodbye to this error.

If 4G doesn't work on your Android phone, check your SIM card

Other times, the problem is with the SIM card. There are two possibilities in this regard, that the SIM has been placed incorrectly in its slot, which is causing problems with the 4G, that it is not working well, or that it has been inserted into a slot that is not configured for 4G. 

These are two very common causes that could explain this problem. Therefore, we should check if the SIM has been correctly placed in its slot (especially in slightly older models there may be more problems in this regard). 

The problem of inserting the SIM in the wrong slot is something it can easily happen in Dual SIM models. Place the card in the disabled slot in the phone settings. Changing it to the correct slot would solve the problem. Depending on the problem, once the SIM card has been placed in the correct slot and in the correct position, 4G should work again on the device.

Reset network settings

If none of the previous options gave the desired result, we can opt for a slightly more drastic measure, which is that of reset the phone's network settings. It is a method that can help us many times, to eliminate a possible misconfiguration that is causing 4G to not work well or not work on Android. 

This takes you back to the initial configuration of the network settings on the phone. The steps to follow are:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Access the System section (can change on other phones).
  • Open the Restore option.
  • Select the Reset Network Settings option.
  • Tap Reset Network Settings.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

It takes a couple of minutes to complete the process. Consequently, 4G should already work smoothly on our android phone.

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