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The Evil Within Chapter 5 Locked Room Puzzle Solution [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's see how to solve one of the puzzles that we will encounter in The Evil Within.

3 room puzzle guide

At some point in Chapter 5 of The Evil Within we will find ourselves locked in a room apparently closed on all 4 walls. On each wall you will notice a small crack, just look inside to reveal a door that leads to the room that can be glimpsed by looking through the peephole.

In the first room we see a ghost child writing on the wall. Go inside to find a stretcher with two buttons, each with a flower on it. Looking carefully at the wall you will discover which button you need to press to avoid dying (it's the one on the left).

In the other room you will see the ghost of a man lying on a table and a wall with different symbols. Among the various images there is that of some gears, on the stretcher you will have to press the one on the left again, that is the one with 3 gears, equal to the image represented on the wall.

In the other room, still looking through the crack, you will see the doctor operating on the stretcher. In this room the two icons represent brain roots. Here you have to press the root with that kind of tail (it's the one on the right).

Now go out and follow the blood trail, after a short animation you will have the door to exit. Here is a video that shows it all

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